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Get 100% more web hosting when transferring your website to us from another provider. We will be happy to help you with the transfer.


When ordering one of our web hosting plan Complete please provide your domain name on which you run your website at another provider.


Submit the following password in the note section “100 % extra web hosting”.


We will establish your web hosting after payment and will add a paid twice the period bonus, to your web hosting within 14 days.

Web hosting extension Web hosting extension

Hosting for WordPress

Web hosting with pre-installed WordPress is a plan prepared for the comfortable creation and management of your corporate or personal website.

Turbo hosting

Web hosting on a dedicated server will provide you with faster site loading and better search engine ranking.

Web Security

Be insured against attacking and misusing your site. In the event of a site being compromised, we will remove the malicious code without affecting the site's functionality.


How to WordPress How to WordPress

Creating your website with WordPress can be fun even for beginners.  The system is intuitive, simple and completely in Czech, so creating your website is a joy. We will advise you how to install WordPress and what to look for in the settings.

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Domain is the address on which your website will run.

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