Charity activities

In addition to meeting the primary economic goals, ACTIVE 24, LTD. is in the long term interested in supporting publicly beneficial events. As part of these activities, we launched several projects aimed at conceptual support for the non-profit sector. We help both financial and non-financial and we like to involve our employees in the projects.

ACTIVE 24 sponsorship applies to free web hosting services for non-profit organizations on a domain that is registered and maintained by ACTIVE 24. Sponsorship only applies to web hosting services and does not apply to the registration or renewal fee of domains. 

Sponsorship conditions:

To apply for sponsorship email us at:

We donate 1 CZK to PARAPLE CENTER for each .CZ domain registered or renewed with ACTIVE 24, and together we support handicapped fellow citizens.


Paraple Center is a social rehabilitation and counseling center that helps people with spinal cord injury or life-threatening illness to live further according to their wishes. Loss of the original motion and other functions of the body is a major interference with the life of man and his family. The person in whom spinal cord injury has occurred is first treated in the Czech Republic with some of the 4 spinal units in Prague, Brno, Liberec and Ostrava.

This is followed by treatment and rehabilitation in some of the rehabilitation institutes. The Center's specialist team, composed of representatives of many professions - social workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, health nurses, personal assistants, wheelchair instructors and others helps Center Paraple's clients to cope with a difficult period after an accident or illness, improve their physical and mental fitness, Maximize autonomy and gain new energy to overcome obstacles. Services include support for healthy lifestyle, parenting, work experience, new interests and hobbies, and many other specific areas. The Paraple Center provides social rehabilitation in the form of stays of 2 to 4 weeks, which can be repeated and offers expert advice as well. It provides service to more than 1,400 people every year from across the Czech Republic.

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OFFLINE Day is a contribution of ACTIVE 24 in community activities through corporate volunteering.

Aim of these activities is to enable employees of ACTIVE 24 to engage in corporate volunteering, this means spending a paid day by ACTIVE 24 to do work for non profit project.

Our employees assist in organizations with a focus on:

The aim of the association is to promote and support freedom of creation in the Czech Republic focusing on Wikimedia projects, organizational assistance in organizing events, assistance in matters of free licenses.

We support the idea of helping anyone who chooses to do business on the Internet. We would like to contribute to the development of high quality and promising internet projects in the Czech Republic. We have therefore decided to provide our services free of charge to selected new internet projects.

Launching a new online project? Looking for a quality shared web hosting or virtual server? Do not have enough money to run such services?  Do you believe that your project is a good enough and beneficial idea that could be supported by us? Sign up to our program by emailing us at

1. Signing up your project

Sign your project up anytime by sending us your application at our email address

2. Startup sponsoring terms and conditions

When selecting projects to be sponsored, it depends not only on the idea of the project but also on the quality and content of the information that you provide about your project to us. We are interested in describing the main idea of your project. Describe how the project will develop, what you have done so far for the implementation of the project. Please provide all this information in your application.

Placing the ACTIVE 24 banner to the sponsored website and signing a simple sponsorship agreement are a condition of the sponsorship provision.  We reserve the right to select projects that we choose to sponsor. We do not support gaming portals and portals with content that is inconsistent with good morals and the laws of the Czech Republic. ACTIVE 24 startup sponsoring does not apply to existing ACTIVE 24 customers with paid services. 

ACTIVE 24 also offers web hosting sponsorship  for non-profit organizations websites. 

3. Service to be selected
1) DOMAIN 1 year for FREE

Applies to following domain extensions .cz, .sk, .eu, .com, .net, .org, .info and .biz. If the domain is already registered with another provider, the condition is to transfer your existing domain to us.

2) WEB HOSTING 3 years for FREE

To see our shared web hosting plans click here.


To see our sever solutions offer, visit

We try to provide support to as many projects as possible. Maximum support for one project is set at 12,000 CZK according to our sales prices.

Launched startup projects