Reliable web hosting: 5 expert tips

Reliable web hosting. What is web hosting and what you need it for? Finding a reliable web host can be frustrating: all hosting companies claim to be the best, comparison sites contain conflicting information and website owners sometimes lack technical knowledge. Therefore 5 expert tips.

What is web hosting?

Creating a website is one thing, but how to get your website visible on the Internet? That is hosting comes in place. Simply put, web hosting stands for

"placing a site on a web server, that is 24 hours-a-day connected to the Internet."

Without hosting your website is only visible on your local computer, but not globally. Only through the web host can have your site online, even if you have your own server. So, a web host, literally allocates a piece of "virtual space" on its server, to make your website visible on the Internet. Thanks to this, your website will operate without interruption.

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It all starts with a domain

In order to be able to make the connection between the website and web server, a domain registration is needed. Web visitors can thus see only your website once you link your site to a domain name. This is done via DNS management ("Domain Name Server system"). Each domain has a unique IP address, which is linked to specific server settings that are listed in the DNS records.

TIP: Do you know what a domain registration process consists off?

When web visitors type your domain name, a connection is established with the server, which is associated with this domain name. The various files of your website are now open on the server from the hosting provider. This will make your website visible in the browser of the site visitor.

IMPORTANT: Hosting providers offer a variety of web, email and server hosting packages that you can add as an additional service internet service to your domain and hosting. Such as: link your mail to your domain name, make an email alias (referral), add a sub domain name in one click install a WordPress website, add a database or My Website builder.

Reliable web hosting:
5 expert tips

Now you know how web hosting works, the next step is finding a reliable web hosting service. ACTIVE 24 recommends that you select your hosting provider using these tips:

#Tip 1: Web size space

  1. How much web space do you have to create your website?

    Small or medium site (max. 5 pages)
    • basic hosting package
    • at least 1 GB web space
    • suitable for blog, portfolio website
    • on shared web hosting server
    Large or multiple web sites (min. 5 pages)
    • comprehensive hosting package
    • unlimited data
    • suitable for demanding websites and webshops
    • various websites on a hosting package
    • Optimised for traffic: high visitor numbers
    • if necessary, Virtual private server (VPS), including guaranteed uptime

    #Tip 2: Email space

    About how much space you have for sending and receiving e-mail?

    Restricted email use (up to 5 email addresses)
    • basic email package: POP, IMAP
    • Including webmail
    • 10 GB space per e-mail account (50 GB in total)
    Demanding email use (businessmail):
    • extended email package: ActiveSync
    • Including webmail
    • Suitable for corporate email
    • Suitable for mobile devices
    • Send large email attachments (> 20 MB)
    • 30 GB space per e-mail account
    • if necessary, own e-mail client to send and receive e-mail

    #Tip 3: Security

    How safe is the hosting company with which you take your internet? Is recovery is possible when experiencing technical problems?

    Limited protection
    • Create your own backup of your email, web files and databases
    • no or monthly backup only
    • data store data in non-private data center
    • a data center
    • no antivirus and antispam
    Comprehensive Security
    • automatic backup for email, website and databases
    • daily backup
    • data stored in own data centre
    • several independent data centres: data remains available for temporary technical problems
    • minimal downtime
    • including powerful antivirus and antispam protection

    #Tip 4: Content Management System (CMS)

    Does the hosting company offer website builders?

    No website builder
    • You need professional help of a web designer
    • Or you have sufficient programming knowledge
    • The CMS system is not available in your own language
    Website Builder
    • You can easily create your own website
    • The CMS system is available in your own language

    IMPORTANT: A web host offers various website tools. Among others My Website sitebuilders or Content Management Systeem (CMS): WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. The website content is the responsibility of the website owner. More information about WordPress, Joomla of Drupal.

    #Tip 5: Customer Service and Technical Support

    What customer support provides the hosting company?

    Limited customer support
    • limited accessibility (opening hours: Monday/Friday)
    • Channels: Only phone or email or chat
    • You pay extra for customer service
    • Service staff are not customerfriendly
    • problems persist
    Comprehensive customer support
    • Extended accessibility (opening hours: 24/7)
    • Channels: accessible via phone, email and live chat
    • Customer service is free (included)
    • Service employees are (very) customer friendly
    • problems are solved quickly

Are you orientating to a new hosting provider? Contact various hosting companies. In this way, you will quickly find out in where your website is in good hands.

Free or paid web hosting?

Before you purchase any hosting package, ask yourself "Do I opt for Free or Paid hosting?" That is an important difference.

Free web hosting:

  • Low cost and cheap hosting services
  • price after 1st year services rises sharply
  • bad service
  • poor availability when experiencing technical problems
  • uptime is not guaranteed
  • domain name and hosting package across multiple internet hosting providers

Paid web hosting:

  • Reliable web hosting
  • price after 1st year service remains the same
  • distinctive customer service
  • uptime guarantee (ie: little downtime)
  • domain name and hosting package with the same internet hosting provider, directly accessible via your control

A cheap domain name is nice, but a reliable web host with stable internet service services, little downtime and rapid access to technical problems is priceless!

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