Automatic Social Network: How to share posts from WordPress to social networks automatic?

Automatic Social Network sharing. Sharing articles and social networking articles are popular nowadays. Facebook and Twitter are popular social channels to inform your customers. Fans and subscribers want to receive updates in the simplest way as possible. So, how to share posts from WordPress to social networks automatic?

Share with Plugins

The first way. Automate sharing your WordPress post on Social Network with the following plugins:

  • JetPack
  • NextScripts




Jetpack is a free publication plugin with a clear and simple interface. The WordPress team developed the plugin. It allows you to automate sharing on different social networks.


How to install JetPack plugin?

Install JetPack on your existing WordPress hosting package. Login to your WordPress site’s Dashboard. In the left panel, click on “Plugins” and click “Add New”. Search for “Jetpack”. Click on the link “Install Now”. Click on “Activate Plugin”. On the top right, click on “Connect to”. Login with your account. Click “Authorise Jetpack”.
Most features are automatic activated.

How to use JetPack plugin?

In WordPress settings, click "Settings" and "Sharing". Choose from:

sociálne siete WordPress

  • Click the "Add New" button of the social network of your choice.
  • Login to connect to the specific social network. Authorize the connection.
  • The procedure is the same for all social networks.
  • Click "Learn More" for "specific instructions" or "deactivation".
  • sociálne siete WordPress
  • Above "Publish" you see the list of selected Social Profiles.
  • Click "Settings" to open "detailed settings". 
  • sociálne siete WordPress
  • Choose to send the post to all linked networks or select profiles.
  • Add a custom comment in the post settings to appear on the Social Network.

If you leave this blank, it will use the blogtitle.


NextScripts is available in both a free and paid plugin version. The free version includes all important features. {SNAP} does not show the message "Shared through". And you can use many profiles from one network.


How to install NextScripts plugin?

Install NextScripts on your WordPress website. See instruction video. Login to your WordPress site’s Dashboard. Go to "Settings" Choose "Social Networks Auto Poster" Automatic share WordPress post on Social Networks.
sociálne siete WordPress

The free version includes:

Blogger / Blogspot Evernote Facebook LinkedIn Google+ Reddit Twitter Tumblr vKontakte

See the official website for more information.

sociálne siete WordPress

Share without plugins

The second way. Automate sharing your WordPress post on Social Network without plugins:

Add the external service "RSS feed". It automatically downloads information about new website articles and content. An example of your feed address: The part behind the last slash leads to the RSS feed. Write your WordPress page without the quotation marks "? Feed=rss" . Choose "IFTTT" services responding to individual events. For smart home appliances and automatic sharing.

How to set up automatic sharing via IFTTT

Watch this video below:

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