WordPress Widgets: what are they and how to install them?

WordPress Widgets. You can extend your WordPress site with new functionalities through Widgets. But what are Widgets exactly and how to install Widgets to your WordPress site? Read this article to find out.

What are WordPress Widgets?

WordPress Widgets are:

"small precoded blocks, that perform a specific function on the WordPress site."

You find available widgets within the WordPress Dashboard under “Appearance”-“Widgets”. With widgets, website owners control the design and structure of their WordPress theme. They can add Widgets in sidebars, also known as widget-ready areas on their WordPress pages.

To name a few available options:

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IMPORTANT: You can add Widgets in the different parts of the WordPress page: header, body or footer. You can choose from preset widgets or widgets downloaded from the internet.
Yet, it depends on the chosen WordPress Themes, how many, which and where to add widgets. You might need to change the WordPress Template. Or download an external plugin. To let specific Widgets function.

How to install Widgets to your WordPress sites?

You can install Widget to your WordPress sites in the following way:

Login to the WordPress Admin Area with your login credentials Go to “Appearance” and choose “Widget”. Open the sidebar to which you wish to add the Widget. Find the specific Widget in the list of Widgets. Click and drag the Widget to the desired place you wish it to appear.

TIP: Use Widgets with wisdom. Do not overuse them. As it may overwhelm your web visitors. Choose the location of each new web functionality. And reconsider if the used widgets make sense after a few months of functioning.

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